Judge & Jury


In on the road on December 9, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Spouse #1 and Spouse #2 enjoy staying in motels, mostly for the crisp sheets, ac and late-night dips in the brackish pool. They differ, however, on how to leave.

Spouse #1 leaves a tip for housecleaning but also straightens up.

Spouse #2 says a tip says they don’t have to straighten up shit short of a shoot-out. (And only then do you call The Wolf.)

Who’s the asshole?

  1. spouse #1 is an ASSHOLE!!! it’s a gotdamm recession out there!

  2. Spouse #2 is more the asshole than 1. but not really an asshole. but it’s impossible to say #1 is an asshole here.

  3. It depends on what you mean by straightening up. If I’m leaving a tip, I’m not gonna make the bed but I will pick up my used needles and condoms.

  4. Huh? People leave tips at motels? Wha? I guess I’M the asshole.

  5. spouse #2 is the asshole

  6. spouse #1 is the asshole. why would you tip at a motel? they don’t even change the sheets. maybe you should tip at the beginning so they change your sheets. if you’re so rich that you can tip at a motel, why not just pony up for a hotel?

  7. Tip or no tip, nobody should feel the need for straightening up a motel room. That’s what you pay for! However, If spouse #1 wants to clean up a little, as long as they’re not demanding that spouse #2 lend a hand, why should anyone feel put out? No assholes in this scenario, ye hath absolution.

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